Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Oakdale Park, Glen Rose, Texas #1

We stop for breakfast at McDonald's when we are traveling but when we are in a campground for a few days, my breakfast consists of coffee, made with Folgers individual coffee bags, and a raisin cinnamon bagel cut into 16 pieces.

  After breakfast, Tippy takes her nap.  The pillow on the left is hers - that's where she sleeps at night.  The pillow on the right is mine.  If I'm not on my pillow, she chooses to sleep on MY PILLOW!  What am I going to do with that dog?  Look at her toys scattered all over.

This is a picnic table at one of the Texas rest areas where we stopped.  Pretty nice, I think.  Every Texan that we have met seems to be very proud of their state and they take pride in spending a few extra dollars to make their rest area nice and interesting.  We like Texas.

We have arrived at Oakdale Park in Glen Rose, Texas.  Oakdale Park is owned by the small city of Glen Rose and it's a wonderful park/campground/music area/swimming pool/convention center/etc.  We like it.  Treky is happy with his site 23. - It has full hookups.  He put on his white sunglasses. He read on the weather channel that the temperature may go up into the 90's today so he covered his windshield to make it cooler inside.  Treky is very considerate of Tippy and me.

This shelter is located three spaces down from where Treky is parked.  Musicians who are camped here get together and have a jam session - mostly country, gospel,  western and bluegrass.

They are jamming and we are listening.

More about the park and the city later.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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