Monday, October 17, 2016

KOA Shreveport, LA Dog Park

The KOA at Shreveport, Louisiana has two adjacent dog parks - one for little dogs and one for big dogs.  Tippy says that if a dog weighs 25 pounds or less, they are considered little dogs and if they weight more than 25 pounds, they are not dogs at all - they're horses.  Tippy would not get on this see-saw.

Both dog parks are governed by these rules.  Treky especially likes the rule about the play equipment being for dogs - not for people.  Hah.

The dog park agility equipment includes the see-saw and this tunnel.  The dog must climb the steps to get through the tunnel.  Tippy refuses to try any of the agility equipment.  She says that she is a lapdog.

I encouraged Tippy to try the see-saw, but no she would have no part of it.

Tippy delights in climbing steps at home but as you can see, she just walks away from them in the dog park.

We skipped a few days due to lack of suitable WiFi but we are back on track now.

See you tomorrow,

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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