Friday, October 28, 2016

Granbury, Texas # 9

As part of our rally activities, we attended the live performance of the musical "Oliver" in Granbury, Texas.  

Tippy, Treky and I drove over to Granbury early so that we could look around and have something to eat before the performance of "Oliver". This is one of the sidewalks that surround the town square.   Granbury is about 17 miles from Glen Rose.

I went on a walking tour of Granbury led by the owner of the historic Nutt House Hotel.

The Nutt House Hotel - The lower floor is a gift shop and the upper floor is actually an operating hotel.

The county courthouse rests in the center of the town square. - Typical of old small towns everywhere.  Treky parked in the courthouse parking lot.  I asked a policeman if there was a time limit on parking there.  His answer, "No, you can park there all night and sleep in your van if you want to."  It pays to ask.  Some places will tow you away if you exceed their parking time limit.

This is the old Hood County, Texas jail in Granbury.  There is a museum inside but it was not open.

1885 is old in Texas.  Many of the original settlers of this part of Texas did not arrive here until after the Civil War.

Another street scene surrounding the town square.

The performance of "Oliver" was in the Opera House.  This is an opera house window with a reflection of the courthouse.

Good information - The show was great.

You know that I hate to eat out alone.  These two wonderful couples invited me to join them for a catfish dinner at Lyndas in Granbury.  The man on the left is retired from the home office of State Farm where I was an Agent.  The man in the middle worked on the space program in Huntsville, Alabama at the same time as I was employed on the same program.  The man on the far right is me.  There are great and unselfish people in this world and I have been fortunate to meet these two couples.

Today is Friday.  Next Tuesday, we will go to Huntington Beach State Park for three days to rest, relax and checkout the damage done by hurricane Matthew to the coastline of South Carolina.  So, we will not be posting for the next three days.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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