Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Going to Glen Rose, Texas

Treky looks forward to our trip to Glen Rose, Texas.  We are going there for a Roadtrek Chapter Rally.  On the Google Maps, it looks like Glen Rose is just south of Dallas.  Treky likes Roadtrek rallies because he might meet a Roadtrek that was being assembled at the same time that he was.  He also likes to compare systems and components with other Roadtreks.

Ron has his clothes ready - For 10 days:  10 underwear, 10 pair socks, 3 pair blue jeans,  5 shirts, 1 sweat shirt, 3 tee shirts, 1 old Air Force Hat and a rain jacket.  Tippy and Treky are ashamed of the way Ron dresses - He could afford better - He just doesn't care.

What Ron does care about is his new Chromebook.  Note that a picture of Treky is the screen saver.  In the next few months, Chomebooks will be able to access all of the Android phone apps.  Yeah!!!

Tippy says, "Quit jabbering -  lets load Treky and get moving".  Tippy has turned out to be an excellent traveler.  I can't believe how fortunate I was to find her.  

We spent our first night camped at the KOA campground at Toomsuba, Mississippi.  Actually it is near Meridian, Mississippi but Tippy loves that word,"Toomsuba".  She says it over and over.  Finally, Treky told her to hush. Note that wonderful water slide in the picture.  I bet that it's fun.

Tomorrow night we expect to be somewhere in Louisiana - probably at another KOA.  We'll check in and show you what we find there.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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