Sunday, October 23, 2016

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center #5

Near our campsite at Glen Rose, Texas is the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center - Has nothing to do with fossils - that's just its name.

The rally organizers provided school buses to transport us to the wildlife center.  Did you know that school buses don't have seat belts?  All during the ride, I kept reaching for my seat belt - Creature  of habit I guess.

When we arrived we were given an opportunity to go to the gift shop.  Bottled water was available.

This is my tour bus named Ostrich - The name is appropriate as we will be seeing several ostriches.  The tour takes two and a half hours.  These buses don't have seat belts either.

 These are the UNPAID volunteers who took us on the tour.  The man drove the bus and the woman was the tour guide who kept us informed about what we were seeing.  Both were experts and both are devoting their lives to protecting wildlife.  I do admire them.

The tour guide gave each of us a cup of animal food to attract and feed the animals.

This doe came right up to the bus and I threw food on the ground to get her close for the picture.  Look at her shadow.

I have 75 more pictures of the wildlife center but I wanted to jump ahead and post this one. This giraffe poked his head in my window, stuck his tongue out and I placed a piece of food on it.  He was very very friendly and beautiful.  I have many more photos of giraffes that I will post tomorrow and the next day as well and many many different animals.  

Ron, Tippy and  Treky

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