Thursday, September 15, 2016

Ocmulgee National Monument # 2

I am repeating this because it's so hard for me to believe.  It just turns my imagination knob up to HIGH.  I wonder if those people had the same problems that we have - bills to pay, family disagreements, political unrest, concern about what others may think, worried about what the future holds, etc.  Just think, 17,000 years ago.  Unbelieveable.  And I'm standing where they stood.


Walking trail to one of the mounds.

Closer view

The trail goes around the mound.

This mound is America's oldest ceremonial lodge - Sorry about the unreadable text.


Entrance - You can walk through to the other side.  Tippy said that she is not going in there and she said that she is not going to 
let me go in there either.  Tippy is afraid of ghosts.

More Ocmulgee tomorrow - I'm really intrigued by this place.  I can't get over imagining the people and their lives 17,000 years ago.

We are at the Good Sam RV Rally in Perry, Georgia and will report on the rally when I calm down from visiting the Ocmulgee monument.

Ron, Tippy and Treky 

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