Thursday, September 8, 2016

Kings Mountain National Military Park #2

As you can see from this map, the battle took place almost on the South Carolina/North Carolina border.  The Whigs (Patriots) wanted to be free of England's king and rules.  They wanted complete independent freedom.  The Tories (Loyalist) wanted to remain part of England and subject to the English ladder of society ie:  Kings, Princes, Earls, Barons, royal born, etc.  They were comfortable with this hundreds years old system.  The  Patriots believed that all people are equal - no matter their ancestors.  So, it was neighbor against neighbor.

Tippy-Too says, "Boy, that's the truth!"

I'm told that tourists can be as destructive as a wild fire.

 Tippy-Too says, "Did you know that Kings Mountain battle is also unique in that large numbers of riflemen fought here.  Rifles were not used much by the armies.  A rifle was a hunting weapon, used by families  on the frontier.  The American militia (Patriots) that fought here mainly used rifles;  the Loyalist (Whigs) had mostly muskets."

A trail through the battle field.  The difference between a rifle and and a musket is speed versus accuracy.  A rifle is slow to load but is very accurate.  Riflemen can hit a target at 200 to 300 yards.  Yet the rifle can only be fired once a minute.  A musket with a smooth bore, is easy to load but inaccurate.  Muskets have a range of about 100 yards, but can be fired up to three times per minute.

Reconstructed battle field fence.

The citizen soldiers on both sides had to have water.  NC/SC was just as hot then as it is today.

I have three GGGG Grandfathers who fought in the Revolutionary War - All were Whigs (Patriots)  All wanted individual freedom:

Peter Strozier fought under General Elijah Clark at Kettle Creek and here at Kings Mountain.  While he was fighting here, the Whigs burned his house down leaving his wife and seven children homeless.

Azariah Doty fought under General Francis Marion the Swamp Fox.

Joseph Henderson fought under Colonel Dooley  at Stono.

I am thankful for these men for "No matter my station in life, no one is better or worse that me.  The circumstances of my birth have no effect on my life".

Tomorrow, I will wrap-up our trip to Kings Mountain.

Ron, Tippy-Too and Treky 

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