Thursday, September 1, 2016

Camden, SC Revolutionary War Site

The site is just a mile or so off I-20 between Columbia, SC and Florence, SC. The site motto is, "Spend a few peaceful hours where the British spent a rough year."

The first building we explored was the Cunningham House. 

The Cunningham House.  It also serves as the park office and gift shop.  Because I'm an old man and a veteran, park admission was $4.00.  No charge for Tippy-Too who was delighted that she could take the tour.

Most every "war" park has cannons.  Tippy-Too was checking to see if the other side of this sign said the same thing.

The cannons

Blacksmithing - Back then the preferred mode of transportation was via horses.  Horses need shoes = blacksmith work.

This is not just a display - Everything pictured actually works.

Tippy-Too thought that this bench was pretty. I think that it's at least unusual.

Camden is the oldest existing inland town in South Carolina and was part of a township plan for the colony ordered by King George, II in 1730.

There's lots more here - We'll cover that tomorrow.

Hope to see you then,

Ron, Tippy-Too and Treky

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