Friday, September 2, 2016

Camden, SC Revolutionary War Site #2

Dugout Canoe.  I tried to make one of these once - too much work- no mistakes allowed.

It looks rough but they work.

I often wondered if there was a difference.  I called all a stock.

This is the Pillory - Offenders had stay in this for less than a day; however, they were standing up and bent over - I would think very painful.

 This is the stock - Bad guys stayed in this for a long time - days, etc.  Also very painful.   As you can see, Tippy-Too was very interested in the stock.

John McCaa house

John McCaa house

Craven house

Tippy-Too checked out the Craven house and said their is nothing inside.

The Catawba Indians were the only tribe to fight on "our" side.  All other Southern tribes fought for the British.

Bradley House

Bradley House - Checkout the "flat stone" chimney.  Have you ever noticed that all "old time" southern homes have porches?
More about the Camden, SC Revolutionary War Site tomorrow.

Thanks for riding with us - it would be lonely without you.

Ron, Tippy-Too and Treky

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