Thursday, September 29, 2016

Cades Cove, Great Smoky Mountain National Park

Treky says that the shadows on the road are confusing so he and the car in front of us are slowing down.  Slowing down means instead of going 10 MPH, we will go 5 MPH.  Tippy thinks it's beautiful and restful.

We thought the objects on the left might be wild life - but no - it's just stumps.  Thats Treky's dashboard reflection in the lower part of the  picture.

Just a nice view

The Cove - It seems that the cove is a valley between three mountains

At one time, the cove was populated.  There are three churches on the road around the cove.  This is one.  I'm told that all three churches are very popular for wedding sites.

A few leaves are beginning to turn. I think it will be about another two or three weeks before they are at full color.  Hundreds of thousand of people come to this area when the leaves turn colors.

This is my favorite scene.  Can you imagine wandering around up there on foot.  I suppose someone has.

There are little wooden bridges over fast running creeks - white water.

I like the little creeks, their banks and reflections much better than waterfalls - - to each his own.

Tippy and Treky were screaming excitedly - "Look, look, there's wild life, stop, stop".

Just as I zoomed in, he heard Tippy and Treky yelling and he looked up.  Lucky shot.

Tippy's favorite was the "Tipton Place".  She wants to explore the old house - but no pets allowed.

Goodbye, Cades Cove - Ron, Tippy and Treky love you.

We may not post for a few days - Rallies are not very interesting unless you are there.

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