Thursday, August 25, 2016

Wright Brothers National Monument # 2

Specs - Note 11.81 horsepower

Monument to Wilbur and Orville as we move to the outside 

Wind, Sand & Isolation - I like that - That, in some ways, describes the outer banks to me.

Tippy-Too pointed out this notice.  She doesn't want to get a thorn in her little bitty delicate feet so we stayed on the paved paths.

Can you see the main monument way up there on the hill.  We're going to try to walk up there - about a mile but the temperature in the mid 80 so we shouldn't have a problem.

This is where the first flight lifted off and flew only a few feet.  The second and third flights each flew a little further that the previous one.  The fourth flight flew a long way - I'm guessing about 100 yards. But still only a few feet off the ground.  So exciting to me.

Wheels would have sunk into the loose sand, so they constructed a rail and dolly.  They had a million detailed problems to solve and they did.

The brothers had to live while they were here - No motels back then so they built these two buildings.  The near one was where they lived - the other was their office and shop.

We're still walking to the monument here.  We got there.

I promised Tippy-Too that there will be no more airplanes for a while.

Tomorrow, we will look at the National Sea Shore and the beach.

Ron, Tippy-Too and Treky

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