Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wright Brothers National Monument #1

This is where we left Tippy-Too yesterday - looking out Treky's rear windows at the lake.  The only difference is that she moved from her pillow to mine.

I'm sorry about the reflection - the sun was in the wrong position.  This is a huge Blue Marlin mounted here.

Info about the blue marlin - Can you believe 945 pounds?  Tippy-Too said, "It's scary."

We spent most of the day at the Wright Brothers National Monument in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina out on the outer banks.

A gently reminder that Tippy-Too must be kept on a leash.  She was not allowed in the buildings but some of the displays were outdoors and she enjoyed that.

Since the beginning of time, people have wanted to fly.  Many tried.  Orville and Wilbur succeeded in 1903.  I think that they are the real heroes of the 20th century.

Their pictures.

They paid for their experiments themselves.  It is generally believed that if the government was involved, we would still be wanting to fly.

They designed this wind tunnel and used it to refine their aircraft design.

Wind tunnel info - hope you can read it.


The first flight was very short.

Reproduction of the first flyable airplane.

We'll finish the Wright Brothers National Memorial tomorrow - It's too big and important for just one post.  Also, we will cover the National Seashore at the outer banks day after tomorrow.

Tippy-Too says that all Ron can think about are airplanes and cars.

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