Monday, August 1, 2016

Unexpected Problem

Treky's right rear tire is FLAT!  Something flew off a truck right in front of us and we ran over the object which embedded itself in the tire causing it to quickly lose air.

I carry Emergency Road Service (Coverage H) on Treky.  For this coverage, I pay $4.40 per year.

I called the "Emergency Road Service" number.  I told the representative my policy number and my location.  That's all she wanted to know.

Within 10 minutes, I received this message on my phone showing the name of the company who will change my tire, their phone number and their ETA of 29 minutes.

The help arrived and proceeded to change my tire.

It was very hot so Tippy-Too and I found a shady spot and watched the tire changing procedure.

Tippy-Too said, "You know, I don't like this one bit - It's inconvenient.  We should report that truck."

What's even more inconvenient, is the damaged tire that we had to carry inside Treky.  We will buy a new tire tomorrow in Anderson, SC.  It took up Tippy-Too's nap space; however, as you can see, Tippy-Too just curled around it and took a nap. She was so glad to get in out of the heat.

The workers finished and left.  I paid no money and signed nothing.  What would I have done if I didn't have this Emergency Road Service insurance????  I was in an unfamiliar part of the state.  It was Sunday morning.  I knew no one.  I would not know who to call.  Tippy-Too said that she would have cried.  Treky said that the $4.40 per year was the best security we could buy.  We didn't have to do anything except make the phone call and watch the work being done - - -Oh yeah,  we had to pay the $4.40.

Treky said, "you know, this is all part of the adventure and it worked out well - not as big a problem as first thought.  No one hurt and nothing damaged.  That $200.00 tire has safely carried us over 49,000 miles - Just part of the adventure."

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  1. Glad Treky is good as new and back on the road to adventure! Dogs are so trusting and adaptable. When I grow up, I'd like to have the personality of a dog ;)