Thursday, August 4, 2016

Lake Hartwell Area

This is Lake Hartwell viewed from the causeway near Anderson, SC.  We didn't have time to fully explore the lake due to time lost with the flat tire.  The lake was created by a dam on the Savannah River.

Brand new Bridgestone tire.  Treky now has two new rear tires.  The two front tires each have almost 50,000 miles on them and they look almost new - lots of tread left.  At next rotation (every 7500 miles), the new tires will be on the front.

Treky is in site # 44 at the Anderson/Lake Hartwell KOA.  The campground is excellent but our site was not quite level - that would be a problem for RV's with Evaporator type refrigerators - Not a problem for Treky as he has a compressor type.

 Tippy-Too blends in with the shady areas.  In South Carolina in the summer, you need shade for camping. The sun bearing down on an RV will increase the internal temperature to well over 100 degrees - can't sleep that hot.

There is a nice dog park here - They call it a K-nine Kamp.  Cute huh?  Tippy-Too is not terribly excited by it.  She's sleepy.

Speaking of Tippy-Too being sleepy - she's on her very own pillow ready for sleep.

Going, Going,

Gone - It has been a very busy day for this little girl.

Tomorrow, we will post about our visit to the Ninety-Six National Historical Site......

Ron, Tippy-Too and Treky

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