Monday, August 22, 2016

South of the Border

South of the Border - The North Carolina border that is.
We are on our way to the outer banks of North Carolina (Nags Head) to spend some time in the national park there and decided to spend the night here in Pedro's South of the Border campground.

As you can see, it's a pretty long trip - 461 miles.  We didn't leave home until noon so we decided to stop early.  We left home on I-20 to I-95 N to US 64 East.

We love South Carolina highways.  Blue skies and green trees all along the way.  All those trees help keep us healthy.

Tippy-Too and Treky like South Carolina rest areas - clean and mostly level.

This is what Tippy-Too does when the sun gets in her eyes.  She could go to the back and get in the bed but this is what she prefers.

Yeah, there's South of the Border ahead on the NC/SC border at I-95.

The campground office.  They honor Good Sam discount for 10%.  One night, full hookups, backin $28.00 including taxes.  Not too bad.

Treky says, "My goodness - wonderful shade - I love it."  Site # 10

The campground is an avenue of trees.

Pedro's South of the Border has everything - Everything that will make him money that is.

People from North Carolina pass by here on their way to and from Myrtle Beach so Pedro offers them the opportunity to buy souvenirs they didn't get in Myrtle Beach.

Campground store

I left Tippy with Treky and I had supper here.

The remains of my supper - Two tacos, ice tea and a slice of apple pie.

After supper, Tippy-Too and I took a two mile hike and found this lake on the campground property.

Can you see the pretty little bridge across the lake?

As we neared the edge of the lake, several frogs jumped into the water.  Tippy-Too wanted to go in after them.  She really pulled on her leash trying to catch the frogs. I don't think she is the least bit afraid of the water.  When we get to the outer banks, I'll see if she will go into the ocean if dog's are allowed on the beach.

WiFi permitting, we'll see you tomorrow from Nags Head, North Carolina.

Ron, Tippy-Too and Treky

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