Tuesday, August 23, 2016

On Our Way to The Outer Banks

We can't leave Pedro's until we show you the sunset over South of the Border.  Man-made lights competing with Mother Nature.

5:30 am - Sunrise on I-95 North in North Carolina

Tippy-Too insists that we show this cloud formation as we head East toward the Atlantic Ocean.

The small town of Plymouth, North Carolina has the nicest town-owned rest area for travelers like us.

This is in the Plymouth rest area.  Treky likes it.

Also at Plymouth, NC rest area.  Here we are hundreds of miles from the nearest mountains and we find that Plymouth is home to some of the world's largest black bears.

You can see us (the little car) as we approach some of the many rivers that flow into the Atlantic.

US highway 64 East - Flat straight smooth

Treky says that the lighthouse is not a tourist attraction fake - It's a real live working lighthouse.

Can you see those red traffic lights here on the bridge?

It's a draw bridge and it's open

It's open to allow this sailboat to sail through.

Can you see the top of the sailboat as it goes through the draw bridge?  It looks like it is cutting the road in half.  Treky says that he knows all about drawbridges and that we have nothing to fear.

This is a very long straight bridge that is built low to the water.    Tippy-Too wants to point out the beautiful clouds.

The outer banks has its very own welcome center and very nice it is.

There is a map of the area and the islands.

Something else we didn't know - This is Red Wolf country.

About the Red Wolf

Treky has selected a campsite that backs up to a lake.  Nice.

Tippy-Too can sit for hours just looking out at the lake.

We have arrived at the outer banks and we plan to see lots of exciting new things tomorrow.   WiFi permitting, we will see you then.

Ron, Tippy-Too and Treky

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