Monday, August 1, 2016

On Our Way to Lake Hartwell, SC/GA

Tippy-Too had her toys scattered all over the house.  I told her that we might take a short trip but she would have to put up her toys first.  I've never seen a little dog move so fast.  She put up everyone of her toys in just a few minutes.

We filled Treky's gas tank for $1.72 per gallon and took off headed toward the northwestern part of South Carolina.

Those are peach trees.  There are miles and miles of peach trees in Edgefield County.  

The first small town that we came to was Edgefield.  This is their town hall.

A couple of old buildings in downtown Edgefield.  Downtown is small but busy.  These buildings are occupied.

The Edgefield County Courthouse.

A well-kept park in front of the courthouse.  Edgefield is small in size but very rich in history.  It was home to ten South Carolina Governors.  One of whom was Strom Thurmond who served in the United States Senate to age 100.

Lots of old well-maintained homes here.

The road ahead - Yeah, we're on our way to somewhere.  Everyone is happy.

Tippy-Too loves to put her nose almost in the air conditioning vent.  We were all sooooo  happy until............

A totally unexpected thing happened to us and we were not happy about it.  We'll show pictures and write about it tomorrow.

Ron, Tippy-Too and Treky

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