Friday, August 5, 2016

Ninety Six National Historic Site

The Ninety Six National Historic Site is located adjacent to the town of Ninety Six, South Carolina.  This is near Greenwood, SC.

I hope you can read this - It tells a little about the site.

A little about the battle

Good information - Better than I could write and a lot quicker.

In my opinion, most of the Revolutionary War fought in the South, was fought between neighbors - not military units.  The Whigs supported the new nation, United States and the Tories wanted to remain part of England and were loyal to the king.  Tories and Whigs often lived adjacent to each other and often killed each other.

More about the war in the South

This is the most striking structure here.  A more modern house was built around this one and completely concealed it.  Many years later the newer house burned and this house was discovered and moved here to its original site.

Front view

No explanation why this is here.

This is the house that was built around the log house.

The site is perfect for an afternoon visit.  There is a nice picnic area provided.

The monument is near by.

The monument

The fort (stockade)

Another original log structure

These poles were sharpened by the Patriots.  If the British charged they would be killed by running into the pointed poles - At least that was the idea.

The British would have been coming from that direction - Beautiful very relaxing view today.

Tippy-Too is very excited.  She is enrolled in a "Beginner" training class at Petsmart which will run once a week for six weeks.  We might work in a very short trip in between her classes but don't have anything planned.  However, the last of September, all of October and November are cram full of rallies that we plan on attending. 

So we will skip a few weeks posting.

Ron, Tippy-Too and Treky

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