Saturday, August 27, 2016

Nags Head, NC Beach

Today, we look forward to a visit to the beach here on the Outer Banks.  Tippy-Too has never been on a beach and is not sure what a beach is.

We drove up and down the beach road until we found a public parking and public beach access - There's Treky with the ocean ahead.

Treky likes the dunes but he notices that someone has been walking through them to get to the beach and has left a path.  Folks should enter the beach at designated locations and not through the dunes.  The dunes are what keep this island from washing away.

This sign indicates the correct path to the beach.  You can see on the map how far out into the Atlantic Ocean the Outer Banks extend.

Here's out path to the beach.  Tippy-Too is so excited go see the beach for the first time.

Better view of the dunes

Almost there.  You can get a glimpse of the ocean from here.

Up the beach

Down the beach

Tippy-Too is terrified!!!!!!!!

She is crying and has her tail tucked in as far as it will go.  She wants to leave now!!!

Back at Treky, she calms down a little.  She says that the ocean is too big and too loud.  She says that she remembers that 900 pound Blue Marlin and thinks there may be more out there just waiting to eat her.  Tippy-Too says, "I don't want to ever come to the beach again EVER".

Treky, in an attempt to calm Tippy points out a tree across from our parking place and notes that a hurricane probably killed it.  Tippy-Too says that it's scary too.

Back in her seat, Tippy-Too is calming down but is still out of breath.  We won't put her through anything like that again.

Tomorrow, we'll look at the National Seashore campground.

Ron, Tippy-Too and Treky

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