Friday, August 12, 2016


It's too hot to go anywhere this week so I decided to get my GPS from Treky, bring it home to be updated with the new maps and write about it.  My GPS is a Garmin with a seven and a half inch screen.  It's the item on the left and is plugged into my computer to be updated.  On the right is my computer, a 15" Samsung.  It has Tippy-Too playing with her toy as the screen saver.

When I first turn on my GPS, this is the screen that I see.  This is serious stuff.  Being distracted by adjusting the GPS while driving is dangerous.  I don't to it.  

The next screen wants to know what kind of vehicle I am driving.  Treky thinks it should remember this but the GPS asks it every time.  We select the car icon as Treky is almost as small as a car.

Then, it wants know if you just want to look at a map or do you want to enter a destination.  We select "Where To?"

At this point, we have all sorts of options.  If we know the address of the campground, we will select Address and then enter the address.  However, often we will select Categories.  There are many categories.  Suppose, it's morning and we are looking for a McDonalds and we don't know our way around, we select "Categories".

Then we would press "Restaurants".

And enter "McDonalds". The GPS then shows me the four or five closest McDonalds as shown above. One is only 1.7 miles from me.  If I select that one, the GPS leads me to it.  Once when we were in Wyoming, the nearest McDonalds was over 100 miles away.  It's a different world out there.

Here,  the GPS shows me two different routes that I could take if I wanted to go to Cherokee, NC from my house.  The red route is 251 miles and would take about five hours.  The blue route is only 218 miles but takes longer (almost six hours).  In this case, the red route is on the interstate while the blue route is two-lane through several small towns.  We have a choice.

I can remember when we had to use paper maps.  Once the GPS led us down a dirt one lane road for seven miles and several times it has taken us round and round the same block.  Paper maps never made those kind of mistakes.  Hah.

Tippy-Too loves clouds and asked that this picture be included today.... That's our red brick house right under the cloud.

Enjoy life and keep cool - - - We'll see you in a week or so.

Ron, Tippy-Too and Treky

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