Saturday, August 27, 2016

U S Park Service - Oregon Inlet Campground

There are National Parks, National Monuments, etc.  This is a National Seashore near Nags Head, North Carolina.

We stopped at the National Seashore information center to ask about national park service campgrounds.

There are four campgrounds in the park.  We selected the Oregon Inlet campground at Nags Head to visit.

Each campsite is provided with a fire/barbecue stand and a picnic table.  The sites are all back-ins and are suitable for RVs and tents.  Just over the dunes here is the ocean.

There are no hook-ups at the sites.  Restroom/shower facilities are provided as shown here.  There is a spigot for drinking water.  Each back-in site is paved as are the access roads.

I don't know the RV length limitation but as you can see, large class A's  seem to fit.  There are 120 campsites.  Reservations are welcome and the campground closes at the end of November.

There are absolutely no shady sites.  When we were here, the high temperature was 82 and there was a nice breeze from the ocean.  We will stay here next time.

Have you ever seen such a good dog?  I have never fed Tippy-Too any human food; therefore, she does not beg or try to get my snacks.  The only exception is our morning Egg McMuffin.

Our next trip is planned for a Good Sam rally in Perry, Georgia the middle of September; however, sometimes trips just pop-up.
Whenever, we'll hope you will travel with us.

Ron, Tippy-Too and Treky

Nags Head, NC Beach

Today, we look forward to a visit to the beach here on the Outer Banks.  Tippy-Too has never been on a beach and is not sure what a beach is.

We drove up and down the beach road until we found a public parking and public beach access - There's Treky with the ocean ahead.

Treky likes the dunes but he notices that someone has been walking through them to get to the beach and has left a path.  Folks should enter the beach at designated locations and not through the dunes.  The dunes are what keep this island from washing away.

This sign indicates the correct path to the beach.  You can see on the map how far out into the Atlantic Ocean the Outer Banks extend.

Here's out path to the beach.  Tippy-Too is so excited go see the beach for the first time.

Better view of the dunes

Almost there.  You can get a glimpse of the ocean from here.

Up the beach

Down the beach

Tippy-Too is terrified!!!!!!!!

She is crying and has her tail tucked in as far as it will go.  She wants to leave now!!!

Back at Treky, she calms down a little.  She says that the ocean is too big and too loud.  She says that she remembers that 900 pound Blue Marlin and thinks there may be more out there just waiting to eat her.  Tippy-Too says, "I don't want to ever come to the beach again EVER".

Treky, in an attempt to calm Tippy points out a tree across from our parking place and notes that a hurricane probably killed it.  Tippy-Too says that it's scary too.

Back in her seat, Tippy-Too is calming down but is still out of breath.  We won't put her through anything like that again.

Tomorrow, we'll look at the National Seashore campground.

Ron, Tippy-Too and Treky

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Wright Brothers National Monument # 2

Specs - Note 11.81 horsepower

Monument to Wilbur and Orville as we move to the outside 

Wind, Sand & Isolation - I like that - That, in some ways, describes the outer banks to me.

Tippy-Too pointed out this notice.  She doesn't want to get a thorn in her little bitty delicate feet so we stayed on the paved paths.

Can you see the main monument way up there on the hill.  We're going to try to walk up there - about a mile but the temperature in the mid 80 so we shouldn't have a problem.

This is where the first flight lifted off and flew only a few feet.  The second and third flights each flew a little further that the previous one.  The fourth flight flew a long way - I'm guessing about 100 yards. But still only a few feet off the ground.  So exciting to me.

Wheels would have sunk into the loose sand, so they constructed a rail and dolly.  They had a million detailed problems to solve and they did.

The brothers had to live while they were here - No motels back then so they built these two buildings.  The near one was where they lived - the other was their office and shop.

We're still walking to the monument here.  We got there.

I promised Tippy-Too that there will be no more airplanes for a while.

Tomorrow, we will look at the National Sea Shore and the beach.

Ron, Tippy-Too and Treky

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wright Brothers National Monument #1

This is where we left Tippy-Too yesterday - looking out Treky's rear windows at the lake.  The only difference is that she moved from her pillow to mine.

I'm sorry about the reflection - the sun was in the wrong position.  This is a huge Blue Marlin mounted here.

Info about the blue marlin - Can you believe 945 pounds?  Tippy-Too said, "It's scary."

We spent most of the day at the Wright Brothers National Monument in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina out on the outer banks.

A gently reminder that Tippy-Too must be kept on a leash.  She was not allowed in the buildings but some of the displays were outdoors and she enjoyed that.

Since the beginning of time, people have wanted to fly.  Many tried.  Orville and Wilbur succeeded in 1903.  I think that they are the real heroes of the 20th century.

Their pictures.

They paid for their experiments themselves.  It is generally believed that if the government was involved, we would still be wanting to fly.

They designed this wind tunnel and used it to refine their aircraft design.

Wind tunnel info - hope you can read it.


The first flight was very short.

Reproduction of the first flyable airplane.

We'll finish the Wright Brothers National Memorial tomorrow - It's too big and important for just one post.  Also, we will cover the National Seashore at the outer banks day after tomorrow.

Tippy-Too says that all Ron can think about are airplanes and cars.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

On Our Way to The Outer Banks

We can't leave Pedro's until we show you the sunset over South of the Border.  Man-made lights competing with Mother Nature.

5:30 am - Sunrise on I-95 North in North Carolina

Tippy-Too insists that we show this cloud formation as we head East toward the Atlantic Ocean.

The small town of Plymouth, North Carolina has the nicest town-owned rest area for travelers like us.

This is in the Plymouth rest area.  Treky likes it.

Also at Plymouth, NC rest area.  Here we are hundreds of miles from the nearest mountains and we find that Plymouth is home to some of the world's largest black bears.

You can see us (the little car) as we approach some of the many rivers that flow into the Atlantic.

US highway 64 East - Flat straight smooth

Treky says that the lighthouse is not a tourist attraction fake - It's a real live working lighthouse.

Can you see those red traffic lights here on the bridge?

It's a draw bridge and it's open

It's open to allow this sailboat to sail through.

Can you see the top of the sailboat as it goes through the draw bridge?  It looks like it is cutting the road in half.  Treky says that he knows all about drawbridges and that we have nothing to fear.

This is a very long straight bridge that is built low to the water.    Tippy-Too wants to point out the beautiful clouds.

The outer banks has its very own welcome center and very nice it is.

There is a map of the area and the islands.

Something else we didn't know - This is Red Wolf country.

About the Red Wolf

Treky has selected a campsite that backs up to a lake.  Nice.

Tippy-Too can sit for hours just looking out at the lake.

We have arrived at the outer banks and we plan to see lots of exciting new things tomorrow.   WiFi permitting, we will see you then.

Ron, Tippy-Too and Treky