Saturday, July 2, 2016

Mammoth Hot Springs - Yellowstone

On the way to Mammoth Hot Springs area of Yellowstone NP

I like white water - Tippy-Too always says that it's in a hurry.

I think those are swans

Oh Wow

Up hill then down hill - Treky has a special speed-retarded button that we use very often here.

See the white residue from the geyser?

A whole mountain of geyser residue - huge

And a residue lake below

I just thought this is a nice picture

Lots of folks parked to take pictures of this

Look at the oncoming traffic - way out here in Wyoming.  Most of Yellowstone is in Wyoming - The west entrance is in Montana.

Mammoth Springs general store

This is a government building - The whole Mammoth Springs area looks like an old-time army post to me.

Those are the springs up on the right


This too

Goodbye to the springs

There are lots of class C motor homes here too

I took this just as a female moose was going into the bushes.

Big Buffalo sleepy

A lake of fire

The Mammoth Springs area has many many "fire lakes".

Very close-up of a geyser lake

At one time this mountain was "hot" with geysers - Now trees are growing there.

I think we have covered Yellowstone National Park.  What's next?  Don't know.  We'll have a team meeting to decide - Probably head west into Idaho.

Ron, Tippy-Too and Treky

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