Monday, July 11, 2016

Grand Tetons

To get to the Grand Tetons National Park, we drove through Yellowstone NP.  The Tetons are located near the south entrance to Yellowstone.  Here's another Yellowstone geyser.

More Yellowstone geysers

And more

White water in a hurry to get to the beach

The is the Tetons - I wouldn't think such a large and beautiful lake would be located up here.  We have been going through passes that were almost 10,000 feet in elevation.  The water is Colter Bay.

Tippy-Too likes it up here - She smells all sorts of new odors - pine, spruce, wild life.

The Grand Tetons National Park is pretty busy too.

The visitor's center has this large map.

I missed the Grand Tetons National Park entrance sign - Treky says that this will do.

I took this picture from the visitor's center.

At noon, the temperature up here is 68 degrees (F).  Remember when we started this trip our odometer read 39,000 +? Now we are at almost 46,000 miles.

Some old hippies made it up here in their VW bus.

No McDonald's up here so I had a peanut butter sandwich for lunch.

Tippy-Too and Treky thought this tree was interesting.

The park offers swimming and boating.

The highway between Yellowstone and the Tetons is a National Memorial Parkway.

Tippy-Too:  "Treky, watch how Ron drives - I'm worn out and going to sleep all the way back to West Yellowstone."

Well, this is it for a while.  We're headed home - everyone is OK - no problems - we are all healthy.  We have been gone a long time and we are sort of tired.

We will be attending rallies in September.  I think we will spend the month of August at home.  Since nothing interesting happens at home, the next post will probably happen in September.  If you would like to be notified when we resume, place your e-mail address in the block below or at the top right of this blog.

Thanks all.  We have enjoyed a very long trip this time. Thanks for going with us.

Ron, Tippy-Too and Treky

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  1. Ahh Beautiful place the Tetons: you know what the translation is?

    "Big Tatas"!! Those two highest sorta remind you don't they?