Monday, June 27, 2016

Yellowstone National Park Day 1

We entered Yellowstone National Park at the eastern end and drove to the western exit - a distance of 82 miles.  Yep, Yellowstone is big.  It is also diverse.  Where we entered, it is high mounains.

We're getting up where the snow is.

Now, we're up there.

We drove through miles of dead trees - I don't know whether they were killed by disease or forest fires.

We stopped at many beautiful lakes - Can you  pick out Tippy-Too exploring Indian Lake?

Treky says, "Well  show em that I was there at Indian Lake too!"

I love these little flowers that manage to live through extreme weather and still bloom in the spring.  It's still spring in Yellowstone.  The temperature is in the mid 70's for a high and in the 40's at night. - Nice change from the 100+ degrees that we have been experiencing.

Why are all those cars stopping?  A buffalo in the highway?

Treky says, "Yep and he's trying to get into my window.  Buffalos are huge and dangerous.  They're wild animals.  Let's get out of here before he damages one of us - mainly me."

That was an interesting first day in Yellowstone National Park.  We will camp outside the park in the town of West Yellowstone.

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