Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Unicoi State Park, Georgia

Unicoi Georgia State Park is located in North Georgia near the village of Helen.  It seemed like a good stopping off place on our way to Birmingham to visit cousins.

As usual, we started our day with McDonalds' coffee and sausage biscuit.  I have started pouring the McDonalds' coffee into my Flying J/Pilot coffee mug.  sometimes they don't get the McDonalds' coffee lid on properly and I get coffee stains on my shirt.  The FlyingJ mug never leaks.

Georgia has nice rest areas.  Treky says, "Look how lever the parking places are and the pet exercise area is close by.

Tippy-Too says, "Have you ever seen such a nice pet exercise area?"

Tippy-Too says, "I have water and food.  I can ride in any seat or bed in Treky.  We stop at every rest area just for me. Treky and Ron both love me and everyone I meet wants to pet me.  I love my life.  Everyday brings new places, new smells and new happiness.  Again, I love my life".

The roads to Unicoi State Park are mostly two lane and here at the beginning of the trip, they are fairly flat.

But as we get into North Georgia, the road begins to wind in curves and hills.

This is the state park camping registration parking area.  Tippy-Too and Treky wait in the parking lot.  Pets are not allowed in the registration office.  Tippy-Too says that she doesn't think they allow Roadtrek vans in there either.

Can you see the zip line ride just above Treky's head?

Treky selected a perfect site.  It is on a very steep hill but the site is level and has 30 am electricity and an azalea bush that has just started blooming.  We are up about 1700 feet altitude so it is cooler and plants bloom later.

One of the many trails that Tippy-Too and I explored.

Many of our fellow campers are tenters.  We saw two Boy Scout troops here.

Tippy-Too explores every corner of our site.

This is where we hang our garbage to keep the wild life from scattering it all over.

Treky had selected the Laurel Ridge Camping Area of the park.

All this fresh cool air and exercise sure makes a girl sleepy.

Tomorrow, we will drive through the village of Helen and take a very few pictures.   See you then, we hope.

Ron, Tippy-Too and Treky

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