Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Town of West Yellowstone, Montana 2

Tippy-Too:  "I tell you I like this town.   We walk all over the downtown part on the side walks and everyone says how cute I am (I like that).  We can go in most stores and no one seems to notice that I'm a dog.  I like that. I don't go in where food is served though.

There's Treky parked between two big guys.  Our campground is actually part of a motel.

Across the street from our campground is Bullwinkle's Sports Bar, Casino, Restaurant, Cocktail Lounge and Liquor Store. I priced a ribeye steak there - $33.00 plus tax and tip.  That's all I did - just price it.

There are a number of "Outfitters" here.  They sell everything you need for outdoor living - especially fishing

In addition to fishing equipment, some also offer fishing guide services.

This is what I call an open-face mall.  There are shops with souvenirs, jewelry and even a pharmacy.

 The streets are wonderfully wide.  Pedestrian crossing buttons and signals are on all main corners.  Tippy-Too has learned to "Hurry" as we cross the street here. - Yep, that's a Dairy Queen on the far corner - There is also a McDonald's and a Wendy's.

We like this place - Home-churned ice cream with outside seating.  I don't have to leave Tippy-Too in the campground to get an ice cream.  She can sit with me but she doesn't get ice cream.

Ron, Tippy-Too and Treky

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