Monday, June 27, 2016

The Road to Yellowstone, Day Two

Treky did some tall climbing to get through these Wyoming mountains.  This pass is almost 10,000 feet altitude.  Treky has a powerful engine and a strong determination to succeed at every adventure challenge. 

 Our trip through Wyoming was not all mountains.  Here is prairie.  The fence-like structure you see here is to keep snow from blowing onto the road.  We see a lot of this.

 Back in the Wyoming mountains

Treky loves 180 degree turns but he cautions, "25 MPH is too fast - we'll take about 20 MPH".  What ever Treky says is OK with us.  He has safely taken us through all 49 states - many more than once.

More Mountains - The guard rail you see at the bottom of the picture is on the road that we will be on after we make a hairpin turn to get up there.

It looks like the road goes into the mountain - Not!

Tippy-Too's word for this is, Craigy.  She's our dictionary.

Back down on the prairie.  You can see that the highway goes on and on forever.

 Look what we found out in the middle of the Wyoming desert - a Canadian Air Force C-119 converted to fight fires.  There is a museum here featuring many aircraft used for fighting forest fires.  Very nice.

Just a few more miles through Wyoming and we will enter Yellowstone National Park.

Ron, Tippy-Too and Treky

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