Monday, June 27, 2016

The Road to Yellowstone - Day One

As a goodbye gift, Sturgis, South Dakota gave us a rainbow.  How nice.

Almost all of the highway to Yellowstone National Park runs through the state of Wyoming.

You can't tell it from this picture but Wyoming's flag features a buffalo picture in the center.

Treky likes Wyoming's rest areas because there is always something interesting - Here is a petrified log.

Who would ever guess that cypress trees once grew in Wyoming?  Well they did 55 million years ago.  Tippy-Too says, "Ron is so old that he probably remembers that".

This is a monument to a mountain lion that we found at the Wyoming welcome center.  I told Tippy-Too that I am going to adopt a mountain lion just to keep her from making unfriendly remarks about my age.  Some places call this a panther.

This is the type scenery we saw in eastern Montana.

All three of us laugh at the funny names we find here.  This one is in a national forest.

We are going up up up.  Note the size of the road sign indicating a turn.  That gives and idea of the size of the mountain right up against the highway.  We depend on Treky so much.

Ron, Tippy-Too and Treky

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