Thursday, June 2, 2016

Remembering the Road to Denali National Park - June 2014

In June of 2014, we visited Denali National Park in Alaska.

I remember that I though I had lost Tippy.  I looked everywhere in Treky (Treky is not all that big and doesn't have many hiding places).  Guess where I found Tippy -  Under my pillow.

The gold miners make good use of everything - They don't throw anything away.  Their idea is that they may use it some day.  This is a thriving business located in an old caboose.

The road from Fairbanks to Denali National Park is an open road - About the only traffic that I see is an occasional RV.

 Miner's camp - Little cabins, saloon, gas pump - What more could a miner want?  Oh yeah, he's got to have a pickup.

The sign says, "Food, Spirits, Lodging".  Just another miner's camp.  There must be hundreds like this in Alaska - there are many along the road to Denali National Park.

Can you see the snow-covered mountains under the clouds.  We picked a rainy day for out trip to Denali National Park.

Once, Treky was clean and shiny.  Now look.  Rainy days on gravel muddy potholes will do this.

Treky likes challenges - rainy day - mountain roads - falling rocks.  Treky can handle it all.  We love Treky.

Look what we found at Denali National Park.  A mom moose and her calf.  The calf skedaddled before I could get off a shot.  Camera shot that is.

Gas price at a miner's camp near Denali in June 2014:  $4.17.

I am re-blogging some of our trips to National Parks.  We have already visited 17 and have 33 to go.  We hope to visit those 33 this summer and of course, we'll take pictures and post them. There are 57 National parks all together but some are not accessible by Treky.

Come along with us to those 33 National Parks - We would like your company.

Ron, Tippy-Too and Treky

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