Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Preparing Treky for a Long Trip

Treky has been sitting in the RV storage area for two weeks gathering dust and he was dirty and muddy when I parked him there.  It's time to get him ready for a long trip.

His old carpets are beyond cleaning or repair.  So here's his new carpets.  He now has new carpeting throughout.

Treky suggested that it would be wise to replace the drinking water hose.  This color is called eggplant.

I decided that we needed a toaster oven.  Microwaves are good but there just are some things like toast or hot dogs that do better in a real oven.

Treky was new in November 2014 and we have traveled 39,400 miles since then - There will be lots more miles this year too.

First stop was to take Treky to the car wash.  Treky is too large to wash in a regular car wash and requires hand washing.

Doesn't he look better - clean and shinny.

Treky keeps track of when it's time to change his oil.  He's saying that he has only nine percent oil life remaining.  We certainly don't want to leave home until we change his oil.  So.......

Off to Jiffy Lube we go.

They changed Treky's oil and did alot of other stuff too.

One more very important preparation is fill the tank with gas.

We paid almost $2.00 per gallon here in South Carolina.

So, Treky is now ready.  Ron and Tippy-Too are so ready that they can't sleep anticipating the trip west.

Ron, Tippy-Too and Treky

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