Monday, June 20, 2016

Native Americans - Montana

Throughout our travels in Montana, we have seen evidence of the Native American presence here.  There are several very large "Indian" reservations that we travel through.  This is a statue of two Indian braves on horseback.

Better picture - Note the Canadian flag too.  There were no national boundaries before the Americans and Canadians settled here.

We are entering their reservation - their laws apply - Treky will be very careful.

I hope you can read enough of this to get the gist of it.  Tippy-Too says to remember this is their land.  We are visitors.


The Indians are in very bad shape - They are totally dependant on the government.  Many children have no father in the home and there is a drive to have volunteers to provide foster homes.

About every five or six miles along highway 2 there will be a "pull out" with information such as this.  Pitiful way they were treated.

A little history

Part of the last sentence: "very much alive in tribal memory"

Tippy-Too:  The plight of the Indians and their history makes me sad.  Do you notice that I have my own pillow?  Ron had to stop at Walmarts in Great Falls, Montana and buy one for himself.

Thank you for riding with us --  We feel like you are right here with us.

Ron, Tippy-Too and Treky

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