Monday, June 13, 2016


When we were planning this five month trip to visit all the National Parks, Treky suggested that we visit the parks in the northwest first because it may be too hot in the southwest.  Miss Tippy-Too agreed pointing out that Ron could remove his shirt but she could not take off her coat.  There's one thing you can say about me, I'm bull-headed - I pointed out in the discussion that I am the one with the credit cards and we are going to the southwest first.

Well, I made a big mistake.  There are record breaking hot temperatures throughout the southwest.  Yesterday in Carlsbad, New Mexico, Treky's air conditioner was unable to keep up with the 104 degrees (F) temperature and we very uncomfortable.  While we were at Big Bend, the temperature reached 111 degrees (F).  So this morning, we left and headed north.  

Tonight, we are almost into Colorado and tomorrow night expect to be in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Thanks to best friends,  Treky and Miss Tippy-Too for helping straightening out my messes.

We will post two more blogs that we made in the southwest - in the next two days.

Ron, Tippy-Too and Treky


  1. Hot in Missouri and now Indiana too but not quite like you endured...stay north for a while although no guarantee on temperatures.

  2. I commented an earlier warning about your decision to go to Death Valley in the summer, glad to see that you have finally rethought your plans. Check out the Oregon coast now for more moderate temperatures.

  3. Stay cool. At least you're flexible, and not too rigid to adapt. Safe travels­čśÄ