Monday, June 20, 2016

More Montana # 2

Treky parked at a picnic shelter in Idaho.

Montana City - A grill, saloon and casino - Every business, almost, is also a casino.  We're hungry and it's lunch time but no casino for us.

In Helena, Montana we discovered Taco John's

Better picture - you can read the name on this one.  We had never heard of Taco John's must less eaten a taco there.

For $8.00, I got this bucket full of tater tots, two hard shell tacos and a quart size of lemonade.  Boy, it was hot in the parking lot - no shade at all.

 Treky said that he knew the perfect place for us to eat our lunch.  He parked us in the shade in the parking lot of The Cathedral of Saint Helena.

 We must give the railroads credit.  They were the first to establish coast to coast routes.  Almost every highway that we rode on had been built following the railroads.  Thanks to the railroads, we have the highways today.

This is a cattle guard (my definition) to keep cattle from getting from a secondary road out onto the main highway or from getting from a private drive onto a public road.  Apparently the cattle are afraid to cross the guard - maybe afraid of getting their hooves caught in the open spaces.

Tippy-Too:  "I'm so glad to get out of the excessive heat.  One day it was 111 degrees on us in Big Bend National Park.  Here in Idaho and Montana, the forecast is for 78 daytime high and 55 night time low.  Good Sleeping!!!!!

More mountains tomorrow as we mosey north through Idaho and Montana toward Glacier National Park.

Ron, Tippy-Too and Treky

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