Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Hot Springs National Park, Hot Springs, Arkansas

We're crossing another national park off our list.

Many believe that the water from the springs here at Hot Springs is health and even cures some maladies.

This gentleman apparently believes so  - - he's filling up his jug.

The purist believe that to receive maximum benefits, you must soak your body in the "hot" water.  Many bath houses exist for that purpose and the bath houses make-up the national park.

The Ozark bath house

"Duck" tours are available - Tippy-Too and I declined.

You can rest in this tub with warm spring water washing over you in small waves if you desire.

Or you could get in one of these and get "steam cleaned".

The sign in the background says, "Free Parking".  The sign in the foreground says, "No Free Parking".  Tippy-Too says, "Take your choice"

I had an excellent Mexican food lunch:  hard taco - rice - tamale - sauce - chips - sweet tea.

 OK, I got my Hot Springs NP official cancellation stamps - so it's time to move on.  Our next stop is Guadalupe Mountains National Park in Texas.  It will take Treky three days to get there so I hope we see something interesting along the way to post about.

Thanks for being our friend,

Ron, Tippy-Too and Treky

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  1. Enjoying your journey, Ron. Part of me wishing we were on the road, too. Snick says "hi" to Tippy Too.