Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Highway 160 to Wolf Creek Pass

We were headed to Chimney Rock National Monument and Mesa Verde National Park.  To get there, we traveled on highway 160.
We are beginning to get into some serious mountains.  Note the large RV campground on left.

Spruce tree forest on left and rock mountain on right.  Something to suit everyone.

Treky has found a pass to get through the smaller mountain range.

Hey, that's a good idea - if you can't climb it, drill through it - except that the tunnel is closed - detour around the tunnel.  

Four times we were stopped for road repairs.  A "follow me" vehicle would lead us through the construction.  Note the clothing on the worker.  The local folks wear long sleeves buttoned down, long pants and heavy jackets - even in very hot weather - They know something we don't.

More snow on the mountain peaks - We're close.

Another tunnel - this one's open

Better view of tunnel - Note the green trees.

One more turn and we will be at the same level as that snow.

We are crossing the continental divide at Wolf Creek Pass, Elevation 13,500 feet above sea level - I have never been this high other than in an airplane.

Tomorrow we will visit the Chimney Rock National Monument in Colorado.  Still on highway 160.

Ron, Tippy-Too and Treky

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