Saturday, June 11, 2016

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

This is the official sign at the entrance to the park.

I found this sign a little further in the park - I like it better - Not so official - more colorful.

The highway to the park is relatively smooth and straight.  Speed limit is 75 MPH

We are beginning to see "small" mountains off to the side of the highway.

More mountains

Whoa - Are we going to fall off the cliff?   No, just a tilted camera.  Hah

This is pretty typical of the "foothills" to the Guadalupe Mountains.

Treky wanted to be included in the picture to prove that he was there.

Some of the native plants.

Miss Tippy-Too would prefer to lay on soft grass - but when gravel is all you have, ..........

Tomorrow, on to Carlsbad, New Mexico to see the caverns.

Oh!  I did get my little passbook stamped at Guadalupe Mountain National Park.

Ron, Tippy-Too and Treky

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  1. Ron, Trekky, and Tippy Too:
    Just a note to assure you I am riding with you... and enjoying the trip tremendously! I am looking forward to the parks in the Rocky Mountains. Drive carefully.... Best regards, Marv Cowles in WA.