Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado

The Great Sand Dunes National Park is located near Mocus, Colorado and cover about 11 percent of  330 square miles of sand.

This  is one of the sand dunes.  Note the snow on the mountain in the background.  I saw snow on mountains all morning coming to the park.

This morning when we left Las Vegas, New Mexico, the temperature was 64 degrees (F) - much better than the 110 degrees the day before.  The early part of our trip today was on flat desert land until we came to this cut.  Ahead, you can see some of the mountains we had yet to cross.

After we crossed the first mountain, the landscape changed.  Instead of sand and cactus, we now had Spruce trees in abundance.  One side of the mountain has moisture - the other side has none.  The highest pass we had to navigate was over 9000 feet altitude.  We saw cars and truck pulled off to the side overheated and many barely could hold 30 miles per hour going up the mountains - no Treky - He said, "What mountain?"  Hah  He's bragging but we love him so that it's OK.  Here again, you can see snow covered mountain peaks in the distance.

Treky is headed straight for those mountains on a two-lane bumpy road.  I hope he can find a pass.  That's Mount Blanka, elevation 14,345 feet.

There's Treky in the visitor's center parking lot.  He and Tippy-Too carried on a conversation with the motor home down the way and learned:
Hot sand in the summer, can reach 150 degrees (F) in mid-day.  Miss Tippy-Too says, "That would burn my little pads on my feet - lets not walk there."

Tippy-Too and I are drinking lots of water and staying as cool as possible.  Here at the Dunes, the temperature at 5pm is only 74 degrees (F) - nice.

We may rest here a day or we may try to make it to Mesa Verde National Park tomorrow.

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