Saturday, June 25, 2016

Deadwood, SD

Deadwood City, South Dakota has produce many of the legends of the West.  Gold miners got rich here, spent it all here and got killed here.

Minerals are still mined near here and processed in Deadwood City.

This is a famous old hotel that is still operating.

Deadwood was dead until the railroads came.

Train station waiting room

Railroad Station Agent office.

Accurate portrayal of a railroad conductor.

 The folks here revere the past and protect Deadwood's history.

The Silverado is a saloon and gambling house.

In my youth, there was a Hudson Terraplane automobile.  I have driven one.

Cowboys and miners brought their earnings to Deadwood and left broke

Main Street - Deadwood.  Everyone of these shops (buildings) is a gambling hall and saloon.  You can see slot machines through the windows along with other gambling tables and dealers.

Diamond Lil's is locate up on the second floor.  Man!!! Not me.

They do the open carry thing here - legal or not.  I was surprised to see that they do not open carry large pistols - most are small compact pistols (LCP).  Didn't see anyone get shot while we were here.

Tippy-Too loves this town.  She has visions of being a dance hall girl.

Ron, Tipp-Too and Treky

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