Thursday, June 16, 2016

Arches National Park

There's some spectacular scenery here too.

At the entrance to Arches National Park


Lots of rocks here but no clouds - very blue skies

Some rocks look alike

Going deeper into the park

There is some question and discussion about who or what made that circle in the rocks.

Going to the visitor's center - By the way, I have gotten my National Park Passport stamped all of the parks we have visited so far.

Tippy-Too noticed the cloud.  Treky is very busy navigating the turns and hills.

A couple more clouds and lots more mountains.

We are in Utah now.  We have been on two-lane highways exclusively until today.  We hit I-15 north and are camping just south of Salt Lake City, Utah.  Still headed north for cooler weather.

Ron, Tippy-Too and Treky

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