Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Abilene, Texas Campground

Before we left Hot Springs campground, Tippy-Too played and played in the campground dog run.  Can you just see her way back in the background?

Treky and I were ready to travel about daylight - But not Tippy-Too. She thinks that little girls get to sleep late.  I was ready to jerk her out of the bed but Treky said, "Naw, Ron, she's right - little girls don't have to  get up early.  Treky is so soft hearted - and I know that he loves Tippy-Too.  So Tippy-Too got to sleep until we arrived at McDonald's.

Have you ever seen a McDonald's in a service station?  You have now.  It's a  full service McDonald's too.

Valero is a popular gasoline in this part of the United States.

66 degrees is a good sleeping and driving temperature.

Tippy-Too finally woke up after breakfast and then got in the co-pilot's seat and went back to sleep. She has a hard life.

Sure, enough, the Abilene, Texas campground has a dog run.

The dog run bench is for old men to rest while Tippy-Too cavorts around.

The dog run has a doggy play house.

Tippy-Too is not all that fired up about this dog run - she would rather that she and I take a walk.

She thinks that if she could just climb that tree, she could catch that campground squirrel. 

I don't mean to ignore Treky - He has a nice level full service campsite.  All three of us especially appreciate the shade.

Here in Abilene, Texas, we are about half way to Big Bend National Park in Texas.  We hope to be there tomorrow.  

Ron, Tippy-Too and Treky

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