Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Town of West Yellowstone, Montana 2

Tippy-Too:  "I tell you I like this town.   We walk all over the downtown part on the side walks and everyone says how cute I am (I like that).  We can go in most stores and no one seems to notice that I'm a dog.  I like that. I don't go in where food is served though.

There's Treky parked between two big guys.  Our campground is actually part of a motel.

Across the street from our campground is Bullwinkle's Sports Bar, Casino, Restaurant, Cocktail Lounge and Liquor Store. I priced a ribeye steak there - $33.00 plus tax and tip.  That's all I did - just price it.

There are a number of "Outfitters" here.  They sell everything you need for outdoor living - especially fishing

In addition to fishing equipment, some also offer fishing guide services.

This is what I call an open-face mall.  There are shops with souvenirs, jewelry and even a pharmacy.

 The streets are wonderfully wide.  Pedestrian crossing buttons and signals are on all main corners.  Tippy-Too has learned to "Hurry" as we cross the street here. - Yep, that's a Dairy Queen on the far corner - There is also a McDonald's and a Wendy's.

We like this place - Home-churned ice cream with outside seating.  I don't have to leave Tippy-Too in the campground to get an ice cream.  She can sit with me but she doesn't get ice cream.

Ron, Tippy-Too and Treky

Yellowstone National Park - Day 2

Madison River with driftwood

One mountain after another - This one is on the Grand Loop Road

When I see a bunch of cars stopped, I know they have found some wildlife to photograph.

I could not tell what they were so I took another close-up.

Still don't know.  Not buffalo, Not deer, Not moose - maybe antelope???

If you choose not to drive through the park, these yellow buses offer tours.  Traffic is terrible today.  Note that giant of motor vehicles - Treky parked there also.  We are in the parking lot of one of the visitor's centers.

Driving along

Tippy-Too claims that she can read the fishing regulations and would fish if she had a pole.

Miss Tippy-Too and the Madison River

River Road - Looks like it's one way but No - It's two way narrow.  Treky can handle it.

Norris Hot Pot - Boiling hot water steaming up from the ground.

Another hot pot.

This is hard to read but what it says is don't jump into the boiling water.  Apparently some do each year.

This is what a photograph of steam looks like.

Traffic is very heavy - We entered the park at 8am and it's still heavy.

By the way, we paid $2.51 for gas here in West Yellowstone.

Ron, Tippy-Too and Treky

West Yellowstone, Montana - The Town

Monday, June 27, 2016

Yellowstone National Park Day 1

We entered Yellowstone National Park at the eastern end and drove to the western exit - a distance of 82 miles.  Yep, Yellowstone is big.  It is also diverse.  Where we entered, it is high mounains.

We're getting up where the snow is.

Now, we're up there.

We drove through miles of dead trees - I don't know whether they were killed by disease or forest fires.

We stopped at many beautiful lakes - Can you  pick out Tippy-Too exploring Indian Lake?

Treky says, "Well  show em that I was there at Indian Lake too!"

I love these little flowers that manage to live through extreme weather and still bloom in the spring.  It's still spring in Yellowstone.  The temperature is in the mid 70's for a high and in the 40's at night. - Nice change from the 100+ degrees that we have been experiencing.

Why are all those cars stopping?  A buffalo in the highway?

Treky says, "Yep and he's trying to get into my window.  Buffalos are huge and dangerous.  They're wild animals.  Let's get out of here before he damages one of us - mainly me."

That was an interesting first day in Yellowstone National Park.  We will camp outside the park in the town of West Yellowstone.

The Road to Yellowstone, Day Two

Treky did some tall climbing to get through these Wyoming mountains.  This pass is almost 10,000 feet altitude.  Treky has a powerful engine and a strong determination to succeed at every adventure challenge. 

 Our trip through Wyoming was not all mountains.  Here is prairie.  The fence-like structure you see here is to keep snow from blowing onto the road.  We see a lot of this.

 Back in the Wyoming mountains

Treky loves 180 degree turns but he cautions, "25 MPH is too fast - we'll take about 20 MPH".  What ever Treky says is OK with us.  He has safely taken us through all 49 states - many more than once.

More Mountains - The guard rail you see at the bottom of the picture is on the road that we will be on after we make a hairpin turn to get up there.

It looks like the road goes into the mountain - Not!

Tippy-Too's word for this is, Craigy.  She's our dictionary.

Back down on the prairie.  You can see that the highway goes on and on forever.

 Look what we found out in the middle of the Wyoming desert - a Canadian Air Force C-119 converted to fight fires.  There is a museum here featuring many aircraft used for fighting forest fires.  Very nice.

Just a few more miles through Wyoming and we will enter Yellowstone National Park.

Ron, Tippy-Too and Treky

The Road to Yellowstone - Day One

As a goodbye gift, Sturgis, South Dakota gave us a rainbow.  How nice.

Almost all of the highway to Yellowstone National Park runs through the state of Wyoming.

You can't tell it from this picture but Wyoming's flag features a buffalo picture in the center.

Treky likes Wyoming's rest areas because there is always something interesting - Here is a petrified log.

Who would ever guess that cypress trees once grew in Wyoming?  Well they did 55 million years ago.  Tippy-Too says, "Ron is so old that he probably remembers that".

This is a monument to a mountain lion that we found at the Wyoming welcome center.  I told Tippy-Too that I am going to adopt a mountain lion just to keep her from making unfriendly remarks about my age.  Some places call this a panther.

This is the type scenery we saw in eastern Montana.

All three of us laugh at the funny names we find here.  This one is in a national forest.

We are going up up up.  Note the size of the road sign indicating a turn.  That gives and idea of the size of the mountain right up against the highway.  We depend on Treky so much.

Ron, Tippy-Too and Treky