Sunday, May 22, 2016

Wine Tasting Tour - Peller Estates - Ontario, Canada

Peller Estates was the first winery that we visited.  The building was beautiful - very ornate

Since Tippy-Too, Treky and I don't drink wine, we provided transportation for those who do drink wine.  Other Trekers did the same.

To get to the Peller Estates winery, we drove for miles through acres of grape vines.  You can see Peller's in the distance.

Better view

In the center is the Canadian flag (Maple Leaf) and on each side are the province flags (Ontario).


The Peller grounds are beautifully decorated with live plants and trees.  I think these are Red Maples.



I don't know the name but I like the blue with very small red blooms interspersed. 

At last, we are inside Peller's.  Who doesn't like a fireplace with comfortable chairs after a long ride.  Tippy-Too was not allowed.

I looked into the ornate dining room.  We didn't eat here.  I took these pictures while roaming around waiting on the "wine tasters".

Next, we will go to another winery.

Ron, Tippy-Too and Treky

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