Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Virginia & West Virginia Highways

There are some pretty nice views just traveling down the interstate in Virginia and West Virginia.  This is I-77.  See the clouds below the mountain?

Treky has no problem with the steep grades in these two states.

There is a mountain directly in front of us but the clouds have descended to hide it.

This is one of two tunnels on I-77 in Virginia.

This is what the tunnel looks like inside.  Kinda dark

Out of the tunnel and rolling along I-77

This is the second tunnel.  I think it's named "East River Tunnel".  The mountain peak that you see above the tunnel is the border between Virginia and West Virginia.  We went in the tunnel in Virginia and came out in West Virginia.

We plan to visit the New River Gorge National River tomorrow and pickup another National Park stamp.

See ya then,

Ron, Tippy Too and Treky

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