Sunday, May 15, 2016

Tippy-Too's Second Day of Traveling

Tippy-Too:  "How do you like my new PINK collar  and harness?"

Tippy-Too says, "This is my favorite spot when traveling."

This is the largest Walmart I have ever seen.  It's in Fort Mill, South Carolina - It's at least twice as big as the regular super size.  I don't pass many Walmarts - I always buy something.  The Walmart company is good to us RVer's. 

There is a nice KOA campground in Fort Mill, SC too.  See Treky?

Tippy-Too is not used to riding - so we stop often and walk, walk, walk.

We like the flowers here too.

Who is that peeking out the window watching for me to come back to Treky from Walmart?  She watches out Treky's window every time I leave.

Tippy-Too is a very loving dog - likes to cuddle and sit in my lap.

Ron, Tippy-Too and Treky will see you tomorrow.


  1. I love the pink collar and harmess. It's a great color for her!