Friday, May 13, 2016

Tippy Too's First Day Traveling

Not many dogs (or people) can travel day after day the way I like to do this is Tippy Too's first day, we took it easy.  We drove about 150 miles north (toward our eventual destination of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada) and stopped to over night in a KOA campground in Fort Mill, South Carolina.  
Tippy Too rode  most of the way in the co-pilot seat.  Notice her new pink collar - she has a matching harness and leash.

We stopped in every rest area.  I didn't have to train her how to use a rest area.

We walked, walked at the campground - total 9546 steps.  I have always heard that, "A tired Jack Russell is a good Jack Russell" and I want her to sleep good tonight.

In her short six years of life, she has never smelled so many new smells - She investigates everyone.

Treky selected a nice site here at the KOA, site # 105.  He is so proud that we have Tippy Too.  He hated to make all  the decisions by himself.  Now, Tippy Too can add her two-cents in our team meetings.

We don't know what this is.  But it'a at our campground and we thought that it is interesting.

Tippy Two says, "Ron has only shown pictures of my rear - - I do have a face.  I love sleeping and cuddling in Treky but I have a lot to learn.  We are going to just "mosey" along to Niagara Falls"

Thanks for traveling with us,

Ron, Tippy Too and Treky


  1. Why don't you get her a pillow for the front seat so she can stretch out a bit more and ride more comfortably? My dog loved her pillow.

  2. Love reading about Tippy Too!

    Susan and Alan