Monday, May 30, 2016

Tippy-Too, Three Weeks - How's She Doing

It's been about three weeks (May 7th, 2016) since the Homeward Bound Rescue group gave Tippy-Too to me.  Boy was I happy and I still am.  She has filled a big hole in my life.

Tippy-Too is definitely a "lap dog" - She likes to sit in my lap and sleep.  I kinda like it too.

She claims the couch at home.

She tries to claim Treky's driver's seat but that's a no-no.

She loves to roll on the grass and scratch her back.

Boy, that felt good.

She can play with her toy in Treky all day.

A satisfied dog and a satisfied old man.

Cute sleeping

She gets right in the middle of the bed at home.  Where am I going to sleep?

These are her "home" toys

She has a set of these for home and a set for Treky.  The water bowl is splash proof.

Do I sound like a proud old man?

PS:   Treky loves her too.