Monday, May 16, 2016

Hidden Valley Campground, Jamestown, NY

Hidden Valley Camping Area is located near the town of Jamestown, New York.  The Canadian border is just about an hour north of here so this is a good place to "lay over" waiting for the Niagara Falls, Ontario rally to start.  This little creek runs through the campground.

Treky has a nice site but they just cut the grass and Tippy-Too and I are tracking it in - Treky doesn't like for us to track in grass, mud, etc.

There is a playground there in the distance.

The large recreation building is where the campground will have a "welcome back" dinner for the permanent residents who spend their winters in Florida and their summers here.  I have been invited to attend their dinner.  Nice.  Also, you can see their swimming pool.
No swimming yet - the high today will be 47 degrees (F).

Some of the residents have planted flower gardens.

Tippy-Too likes the blue garden best but she didn't recognize that ornament so she growled at it.  She says that it was a friendly growl.

Some  of the residents have park models.

This was my lunch the first day here.  Peanut butter sandwich and a bowl of fruit - Tippy-Too gets no "people food".

My feeble attempt at a "selfie"

We will be here one more day at least - so look for us here tomorrow.

Ron, Tippy-Too and Treky

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