Saturday, May 7, 2016

Hello - I'm Tippy Too

Look who is seating in Treky's co-pilot's seat.  It's Tippy Too.  Not Tippy 2, Not Tippy Two, or Tippy To - - - My name is Tippy Too.

I love Treky even though I've only known him since 2:15 pm, May 7,2016.  I hope Ron and Treky like me too.  I don't bark, I like every person and dog that I have ever met and I don't eat much.  Also, I'm house  broken.  My claim to fame, though, is that I helped heal Ron's broken heart.  I have been living in a foster home in Columbia, South Carolina.

I am  very excited about my new house too.

Ron and Treky love Tippy Too, too.  A lot of things had to come together for this adoption to take place.  Some body is looking after all three of us.

Back to the State of Virginia tomorrow,

Ron, Tippy Too and Treky

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