Saturday, May 7, 2016

Great Smoky Mountain National Park # 2

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is located in Eastern Tennessee and Western North Carolina.  We chose  the Cosby entrance.

The mountain stream flows along the road to my campground.  The water is moving very fast.  The park encompasses 521,000 acres.
No entrance fee is charged - That may help explain why the Great Smoky Mountain National Park is the "Most Visited" national park in the United States.

Treky selected site # A27 in the Cosby Campground.  There are 10 developed campgrounds in the park.  In Cosby, there are no hookups but restroom facilities and water are available.  The regular fee is $14.00 per night.  You check yourself in and put the money in an envelope and drop it in a box.  Honor system - no one there to check on you.  Maximum RV length  in Cosby is 28 feet.  Treky at 20 feet easily qualifies.  Most of the campers I saw here were tenters.

There is a tiny mountain stream near my campsite.

Better picture.

My campsite is surrounded by hugh hardwood trees.  Note how green everything is - New leaves - Spring is here. - New Life

Bye for now.  I did get the Smoky Mountain Park stamps in my passport book.

The Blue Ridge Parkway starts tomorrow.  That'll be something new.  

Ron and Treky

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