Saturday, May 7, 2016

Blue Ridge Parkway # 3

I use this book extensively to plan our trip to National Park sites.  It lists every campground operated by the National Park Service and contains the cost and driving directions to each campground.  The GPS is rarely accurate up in the mountains.

Oh Me!  Ron bought another hat.  He must have 50.

Ron says, "Yeah, but this one has a secret pocket - see the zipper?  Besides, we saved all that money with the Golden Age Pass."

This lake was just behind our campsite for tonight.

Old worry wart, Treky is concerned that all this rain my cause the lake to rise up into his campsite.

These ducks tried to reassure Treky but to no avail.

This man attained celebrity status by killing the last remaining buffalo in this area - Am I missing something here?  Some parts of the parkway are over 5000 feet above sea level.

This is the view of Bull Creek Valley.  Treky made sure that he got in the picture.

There are at least 10 tunnels similar to this one in the park.

The next picture is Graybeard Mountain - No smart talk from Treky about my beard.  Note the Elevation here is 5592 - When you have COPD, you don't breathe as well up here as you do at the beach.

Graybeard Mountain in the distance

Picture of the falls follows

There is a hiking trail down there to get closer to the falls. - Not me.

Are you tired of going around curves in the rain and fog?  So are we.  So..........

We have traveled the Blue Ridge Parkway from the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee through North Carolina and now finished the trip in Virginia.

We'll see you in a day or so in the Shenandoah National Park, Skyline Drive.  This will be entirely in Virginia.

Ron and Treky

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